Pay-as-you-go account    $99/mo

Free trial
Data usage Price per GB
Up to 500 GB $1,99
Then from 500 - 1000 GB $1,49
Then from 1 TB + $0,99
Storage up to 2 GB Free
Storage 2 GB + $0,99
Upload Free
All prices are ex. VAT

$99 of streaming and storage included each month.

If you go beyond $99 of streaming and storage, you will be charged $1,99 per GB until you reach 500 GB, then the price is $1,49 for the next 500 GB. Streaming above 1 TB cost $0,99 per GB.

No contracts

Cancel your subscription at any time.

Online payment

Easy payment with you credit card.


FAQ, tutorials and optional e-mail support

Streaming price calculator

(Includes $99 account base price and the $99 free streaming each month. It does NOT include storage.)
GB per month equals
per month

Optional modules

Video presentations - $99/mo
Want to synchronize your video presentation with your Powerpoint slides? No problem. Vippy's video presenter easily lets you sync your slides throughout your presentation. Embed the presenter player on your site, and you are ready to go. And yes, it does work on your iPad.
Video archives - $99/mo
With access to this you can create powerful archives and video landing sites with our REST API. This is for customers who wants to extend Vippy with further functionality. Contact us for more information.
Extended support - $99/mo
With extended support you get access to the extended support module where you can submit questions to the support team. You also get phone support where we will try to help you resolve any issues you may have.

Enterprise account

Annual contract

Lower and predictable pricing.

Payment options

Choose your way of payment.

Extended support

Direct phone support and shorter respond times.