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How to create video sitemaps in Vippy

Vippy offers a unique way to create video sitemaps.

Step one

Create a new sitemap in Vippy, you need to specify which domain the sitemap is for.

Step two

Add all the URLs you wish to include in your sitemap. This will be URLs which have a Vippy video on them.

Step three

Click on "Download sitemap"

Step four

Upload your sitemap to your webserver root.

Step five

Log into Google webmaster tools and add your sitemap here. To add your sitemap, go to Site configuration->Sitemaps and add the url of your uploaded sitemap.

Note. You can only link to your own site in sitemaps. You cannot link to subdomains in your sitemap, except if your sitemap will be uploaded in that subdomain. For more info check out the links below.

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