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How to customize your video on Facebook

When visitors on your site clicks the Facebook share button in the Vippy player, usually only your sites url are shared on Facebook. However, with a few simple steps, you can customize this to actually play the video on Facebook.

To let facebook know about your video, you need to add a few line to your page "<head>" section. You can copy this code if you visit your video after you are logged in to Vippy. Its under "Play video on Facebook". Just copy the code that appear when you click on "Play video on Facebook" and paste it between "<head>" and "</head>" on your page.

This code is "Facebook tags" that tells Facebook what to show when people try to share this page.

Facebook caches this info, so if your embedded video doesnt appear on Facebook after you share it following the steps above, please visit Facebooks debugger and type in the url you try to share. Among other things, this will update Facebooks info about your page.

Note. The code pasted from Vippy may conflict with your page title and description attributes when people try to share your page. If you dont want this to happen, just remove the two first elements in the code, the ones that have to do with "title" and "description".