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Share videos

Sending videos to other users

Vippy allows you to securely send videos to other users. When you send a video to another user, they will get a message in their inbox with that video. They can then freely watch and add that video to their video library.

Step one

Click on the video you would like to send

Step two

Click on Distribute

Step three

Type in the e-mail adress you would like to share that video with. Click add.

If the person is already a Vippy user, his name and company will appear in the contact list. If the person is not a Vippy user, the e-mail address will appear in the contact list.

Step four

Check the boxes next to the contacts you would like to send the video to.

Step five (optional)

Write a comment to the receiver(s)

Step six

Click send

Note. The video will now appear in the inbox to the people you sent the video to, they will also get a notification e-mail. If the person(s) are not Vippy users, they will only receive an e-mail saying that you would like to share a video with them. When they register for a free trial account, the video is waiting for them in their inbox.

Add a received video to the library

When a user has sent you a video, you will see that there is a message in your inbox at the top right corner on your screen.

Step one

Click on inbox.

Step two

Click on the received message.

Step three

Click on "Copy to library"

The video is now added to your library, ready to be published.