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How does the pricing work?

Vippy has two pricing methods:

  • Pay-as-you-go (Basic account)
  • Enterprise account

Pay-as-you-go account

Each pay-as-you-go account has a minimum price of $99/mo. However, you can stream and store for this amount each month, meaning that you only pay more than $99/mo if you stream and store for more than $99 that particular month.


Streaming is the amount of GB you "use" each month. It can be people viewing your videos, images, documents and more. Most of the streaming will probably come from people viewing the videos you embed.

The current price for streaming is:

  • Up to 500 GB - $1,99 per GB
  • Then from 500 - 1000 GB - $1,49 per GB
  • Then from 1000+ GB - $0,99 per GB


You get 2 GB of free storage each month. Your storage amount is calculated as average GB over the duration of each month. A simplified calculation of this would look something like this:

Average GB for a given month = GB day 1 + GB day 2..... + GB day 30 divided by days in the month

We will subtract the 2 GB of free storage (also calculated as average GB) and then you pay for the GB that is left.

This means you will only pay for storage if you store more than 2 GB each day, or more than 2 GB as an average in the given month. If you never have more than 2 GB of data on your account, storage will be free.


There is also several modules you can add to your account. When you add a module to your account, you will pay for that module each month. If you remove a module in your account, you will be charged for this module in the current month, then it will be removed and you will not be charged for it anymore. You can add and remove modules from inside your account settings in Vippy. No data will be deleted when you remove a module, but your access will be restricted.

Enterprise account

Please for more information about the pricing in Enterprise accounts.