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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What video formats does Vippy support?
Vippy support the most common files for upload. Any video file is encoded into mp4 (h.264 codec) and ogv (theora codec). By doing that your video is viewable from any browser, and most mobile devices.
2. How can you integrate Vippy with Google Analytics?
You need to upload a small script to your site to get Vippy integrated with Google analytics. Check out the help page "Integrating Vippy with Google Analytics" for more information.

In Google Analytics you can find your video statistics under content and event tracking.
3. Does Vippy support video publishing on sites that use SSL?
Yes. Vippy is fully compliant with SSL.
4. Does Vippy store the original uploaded file?
Yes, all original files are stored, and can be downloaded at any times. This file is not used for playback, only backup.
5. There are black letter boxes on each side of the video, why?
You must adjust the player size to the video. Your video is most likely in 4:3 format, and your video player has a 16:9 dimension. See video help for how to adjust video player.