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Domain control

With this feature on your account you can easily manage which domains your videos will be playable on. There is no limit to how many domains you can add to your own "whitelist". This option is for you who want more control over where your videos are being played and how much your account is streaming every month.

By default all your videos are to some degree "public" and can be viewed and shared on any website. You can easily make your videos "private" with this option. When a video is private, it will only play on domains you set up on your account. It can also be smart to not include the option to copy the embed code on these videos.

Allow unreported domains

Some old browsers do not report enough information about which domain certain requests come from. By setting this option to "Yes", you allow your viewers to be able to see your videos even if the domain is not reported. This option is by default set to "Yes".

Some people use third party tools and plugins in browsers which can alter the way some browsers report information about this. For some of these people your private videos may be unavailable even if they are on a domain you have added to your allowed domain list. This is vary rare and in most cases the people who use such tools are aware of this.

With this new feature we have also updated our embed codes. If you want to use private streaming on a video that is already embedded on a page, you will need to update your embed code for this video.