GET Embedcode

To get a video embedcode for a specific video, you perform a GET request to Vippy. The only required GET parameter is the videoId parameter. If you only specify videoId, Vippy will get your default player and use that to build the embedcode. If you specify a playerId aswell, Vippy will use that player and its settings to build your embedcode.

To override either the deafult player or the playerId settings, you can specify the following parameters:

  • size (e.g. size=640x480)
  • embedcode (either 1 or 0, Copy embedcode function on the player)
  • facebook (either 1 or 0, enable/disable Facebook sharing)
  • twitter (either 1 or 0, enable/disable Twitter sharing)
  • linkedin (either 1 or 0, enable/disable Linkedin sharing)
  • logo (you need to specify a valid logo, this is the ID of one of your uploaded logos)

GET /embedvideo?videoId=123&playerId=123&size=640x480 HTTP/1.1
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 09:04:55 +0000
Authorization: Vippy 3WwgnHte8dn4Jyt250o:3cO0hCTsdCxTJ1jPXo7+rYSu0g=