Vippy Video Channels

Get your own TV- channel with Vippy!

We have created a new feature we call “Channels”. Once set up, you only need a few clicks to publish your new videos to your channel, Facebook page and more.

Why your own TV- channel online?

A channel is a webpage which displays your published videos. We design and customize your channel after your own needs and make sure its integrated nicely with your homepage. We also set up a Facebook- app for your channel which will be integrated with your existing Facebook site. Both these sites are synchronized so when you make any changes to your channel, all changes are applied both on your homepage and your Facebook site immediately. It doesnt get much simpler than that.

Here are som benefits of using a video channel:

• Easy publishing to both your homepage and Facebook page
• Advanced video SEO which helps driving traffic to your site. Video SEO will automatically send updates to Google when you make changes to your channel
• Faster indexing in Google with MRSS feeds
• Facebook comments
• We host your content so no need to worry about hosting related problems
• You can add “checkpoints” to your videos so users can easily jump to different parts of your video
• Visitors can search your videos
• Visitors can browse videos by categories

For more information on TV- channels contact us on

To view a demo of a TV- channel, follow this link, and check out this Facebook- page

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