Vippy is going global!

After launching Vippy on the Norwegian market earlier this winter, the responds from users and partners have been just great!

Because of that, we are now proud to announce that Vippy is going global! With this bold move, a new release of Vippy is ready.

You will now only pay for what you actually use! Meaning that we will only charge you for the gigabytes you have streamed each month. And no minimum charges! And the best part is that unlimited upload and storage is completely free. Yes, you heard me, totally free! Try it out for 14 days, sign up here:

Other changes in this new release are:

  • A unique Video Management System where you can publish and categorize all your videos through an easy to use tagging system.
  • Improved statistics and video player design
  • User friendly tag management for videos, images and banners

Just to let you know; from now on all blog posts will be in English.

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