New Vippy release!

We are proud to introduce our biggest release since we launched Vippy

Introducing a new dynamic video player

The HTML5 head code is history! Vippy’s new and flexible video player don’t need any head code to play both flash and HTML5 to support playback on all browVideo playersers and mobile devices. Not only that, skin and brand your player with your company’s color, logo, and add social sharing to greater reach.

See more about our video player here.

New and more detailed statistics

Vippy give you the insights you need to better understand your viewers. Want to see when people tend to stop viewing your video? Our drop-off statistics give you the information you need. We also provide information on which browser or mobile device people use when watching your videos. We even have stats on your iTunes download.

See more about Vippy’s analytics here.

Share videos to users outside your company in a second

Need to share a video to a client or a partner? Vippy is the first video platform to allow you to securely share videos to other users with a click of a button.

Simply type the email address and write a comment to the user you would like to send the video to, and the user will get the video in their inbox instantly. If the user is not a Vippy user he/she will get a notification email to sign up for free. It has never been easier and faster to collaborate and distribute large video files.

See more about video distribution here.

Create your own iTunes podcast channels in Vippy

Want to distribute your video content to millions of iTunes users? Vippy lets you create your own iTunes podcast channel and distribute your video with ease. In a few steps your podcasts are ready to be streamed through iTunes using Vippy’s quality streaming.

See more about iTunes podcasts here.

Let us know if you have any questions on this update.

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