New exciting features

We have added some very exciting features to Vippy that are now available to all of our users.

Host your videos, images and now documents in one place.

In addition to video and image management, you can now also securely host and manage your documents in Vippy:

  • Host unlimited amount of files and documents.
  • Support any file types
  • Create both private and public folders
  • Access your files from anywhere and from any computer
  • Share files throughout your organization
  • Versioning for better collaboration between users
  • Publish and stream PDFs and other heavy documents through a powerful and super fast CDN

New CMS extensions

Feel like managing videos directly from your CMS? Vippy’s video functions are now integrated in the following CMS:

You can find more information on these plugins here.

Stronger video SEO

We have also improved video SEO through semantic technology using rich snippets. This means that the information you provide about your videos in Vippy, is now accessible for search engines when you publish a video. This give you more control over which search terms that will lead people to your videos in search engines.

We hope you will all love these new features, and please give us feedback so we can improve our service.

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