Customer case: Small startup with video success

8 months ago we were contacted by artists and goldsmiths Geo Von Krogh and Remy Bugge. They had just started their business of holding courses for amateurs on crafting jewelry – Smykkeskolen. Their challenge was to let people know about the courses and also inspire them to sign up.

The solution was of course to shoot videos from the different courses and publish them online. Search engine optimization of website, blog and videos was obviously essential for the project to work.

Citomedia set up a simple website and blog and also produced 5 initial videos. The publication platform for the videos was Vippy.

After two weeks all videos were indexed and ranked by Google on the top five keywords. The courses started to fill up. After a couple of weeks all the courses were fully booked and the guys had to set up extra courses. The investment in a proper SEOd website and video SEO through Vippy was earned back after just two courses.

Now, eight months later, the challenge isn’t to get people to sign up. The challenge is to meet the demand. In the upcoming semester 4 times the initally planned courses will be held and they are already fully booked. For the main keyword, ”smykkekurs”, Smykkeskolen has the number one and number two ranking as well as a video thumbnail on the first page of Google SERP.

We call this success!

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