Customer Case: Mamut

Founded in 1994, Mamut is a leading European provider of complete, integrated software solutions and internet services for SMEs. Mamut offers complete and user-friendly solutions at the best value for money integrating CRM, sales force, logistics, accounting, e-commerce, domains, e-mail, web hosting and security. More than 400,000 European customers simplify their daily business with solutions from Mamut.

We had a chat with Mamut’s new media manager Jason Falk about their online video strategy and Vippy.

How does online video come into Mamut’s marketing strategy?
Online activity constitutes a significant part of Mamut’s marketing strategy and online video is therefore one of the most important marketing assets we have. Online video gives us a very efficient, flexible and direct form of marketing communication that can be used independently or as an component of a broader campaign.

What have Mamut achieved using online video?

Online video has enabled us to provide the information our customers need more quickly than ever before. For example, we have launched a range of video tutorials to allow users to learn at their own speed, according to their specific usage scenarios. We have also been able to communicate product benefits more easily by publishing videos that focus on the functionality of individual products and services.

How does Vippy help you with your online video strategy?
Vippy enables us to publish videos quickly and easily, and, very  importantly, enables us to track viewing data via Googles analytics. This helps us to optimise specific videos and conversion rates by understanding where within a video our viewers switch-off, or which pages are most successful in engaging our visitors via video. It’s also a much better than Youtube because of the control it gives us – like choosing a thumbnail that optimises click-through rates rather than settling for one of 3 that Youtube chooses for us, the statistical data it gives us, and because it means we no longer lose our traffic to Youtube, which in itself makes the investment worthwhile.

What is your recommendation for businesses considering using online video?
For any business considering online video as part of their communications mix – it is a classic case of ‘can you afford not to?

Thank you Jason for sharing your thought!

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