Case study:

The challenge

We did a test project with the Norwegian webshop is a niche online retail store that sells shoes, and focuses on quality service and low prices.

The two main parameters for an online store is traffic and conversion rate. Search engines and social media are the two main marketing channels for their website. The competition in Norway is relatively high and standardized products like shoes make it difficult to differentiate from the competitors, especially in the search engines.

The solution

Citomedia produces 9 simple product videos that show the most sold products in an energetic way. The videos was produced with a minimal budget intended to achieve first page ranking with video in Google. The elements in the videos are the shoes and company/product logos. The product videos was optimized for video SEO and published with Vippy on the respective product sites.

The result

Two months after the videos were published, the “video products” achieve much better that the other products without video, and far better than before the videos were published.

The traffic from the search word “Converse sko” (Converse shoes) has increased with over 300% This product remained the same conversion rate, meaning more sales.

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