New features released!

New presenter module (Beta)

The new presenter module makes it possible to syncronize video and presentations, such as Powerpoint. Powerpoint syncronizationAn easy-to-use wizard lets you add slides throughout the video and embed it on your website. In true Vippy spirit the module has native support for all browsers and mobile devices.

Try it now, it’s already in your Vippy library.

Video archive

Do you want to organize your video content in an archive with categories, search functionality and other cool features? With Vippy’s video archive system you can get your own archives the way you’d like. It’s just as easy as adding a blog to your site. See our test case at Citomedia. Contact for more information.

New video player update

You can now grade the opacity of the control bar and player buttons. This give you even more flexibilityOpacity on making the video player match your website. We have also made some minor bug fixes on the player, and yes, they did exist.

Help us get better

What do you think about Vippy? Is there anything you want, need or want to get rid off? We would like your feedback on our services. feedbackWrite us and email, tweet us or post a message on our Facebook site. We need your help to get better.

Thank you for being a Vipster!

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