10 essential steps for effective video SEO

Do you want to get a video thumbnail like this for your website?
Video SEO
In order for Google and other search engines to discover and index your videos there are some things you should think about. Here are 10 steps to get your videos the attention they deserve:
  1. Create video content that is relevant and of good quality (No help from Vippy)
  2. Make sure the videos title tag and description contain relevant keywords (Vippy got you covered)
  3. Make sure your filename is descriptive (Vippy got you covered)
  4. Create and send a video sitemap for instant indexing (Vippy got you covered)
  5. Optimize your thumbnail to get people interested in your content (Vippy got you covered)
  6. Use one unique (optimized) URL for each video (Vippy got you covered)
  7. Place the video on a site with other relevant content (Vippy got you covered)
  8. Make sure you have a good internal link structure to video sites (No help from Vippy)
  9. Make the videos embed code availible to others (Vippy got you covered)
  10. Make your videos available for social media sharing (Vippy got you covered)
If you go through these steps when publishing your videos, we can assure your that your videos will be optimized for search engines. In upcoming blog posts we will tell you more on how you can use Vippy to do these steps. It’s very easy, and it will definitely make your site more visible on the net. Good luck!

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