Video sitemap guide

A video sitemap is a document that gives Google details of the videos you have on your site so they can index them correctly.

There are several methods and things you can, and should, do in order to getting your videos visible on the web and indexed by Google. Video sitemaps are possibly the biggest contributor to getting this task done. Google regularly crawls your site looking for content, unfortunately, Google can’t read Flash very well, and as a result, most video content is invisible to Google’s search crawlers. One method to tell Google what kind of content you have on your site is by using special markup by (used in Vippy embed codes). You can also use sitemaps and in this case, video sitemaps!


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Vippy Video Channels

Get your own TV- channel with Vippy!

We have created a new feature we call “Channels”. Once set up, you only need a few clicks to publish your new videos to your channel, Facebook page and more.

Why your own TV- channel online?

A channel is a webpage which displays your published videos. We design and customize your channel after your own needs and make sure its integrated nicely with your homepage. We also set up a Facebook- app for your channel which will be integrated with your existing Facebook site. Both these sites are synchronized so when you make any changes to your channel, all changes are applied both on your homepage and your Facebook site immediately. It doesnt get much simpler than that.

Here are som benefits of using a video channel:

• Easy publishing to both your homepage and Facebook page
• Advanced video SEO which helps driving traffic to your site. Video SEO will automatically send updates to Google when you make changes to your channel
• Faster indexing in Google with MRSS feeds
• Facebook comments
• We host your content so no need to worry about hosting related problems
• You can add “checkpoints” to your videos so users can easily jump to different parts of your video
• Visitors can search your videos
• Visitors can browse videos by categories

For more information on TV- channels contact us on

To view a demo of a TV- channel, follow this link, and check out this Facebook- page

New pricing in Vippy

2011 has been Vippy’s first year on the market. Vippy has gotten many users this past year, and it’s increasing rapidly. In order to provide a high quality support and continuous product development we will introduce a minimum price on Vippy from 1st of January 2012. The new pricing model will also give you a more predictable pricing.

A basic Pay-as-you-go account will cost $99 per month. However, you can stream and store for this amount every month. A basic account includes all features today, except video presenter and the archive module.

You can add these modules for an increased minimum price:

  • Video presenter + $99
  • Video archive + $99

You can simply add and remove the modules under account settings in Vippy whenever you like.

The support with a basic account includes help pages and a new interactive forum that will be launched in December. Premium support which includes direct email and phone support will cost $99 extra each month.

From 1st of January 2012 we are also simplifying our pricing, giving you more GBs for your minimum price:

  • 0 – 500 GB $1.99 pr GB
  • 500 – 1000 GB $1.49 pr GB
  • 1 TB + $0.99 pr GB
  • Storage $0.99 pr GB
  • Upload Still free

With these new prices you will get 50 GB of streaming for your minimum price of $99 each month. Which is equivilant to 2500 plays of a 20 MB video per month.

Unless you notify us, we will remove premium support, video presenter and archive module on all pay-as-you-go accounts from 01.01.2012, but no files or data will be deleted.

We will also introduce enterprise accounts from 2012 for customers that want a complete customized account with annual billing.

If you want more information about this new pricing, please contact us.

New embeds for iOS5

Apple launched their new iOS5 last month. This has implications for video playback on updated iPhones and iPads. We have created a fix for this update in Vippy. However, for this update to work you must re-embed your videos with our new embed code. We are sorry about this, but there is no other way around it. For all of you who has installed our video archives this fix is automatic.

Increase traffic with video sitemaps

Video SEO is a very effektive way of increasing traffic from search engines to your website. However, video content has traditionally been difficult to optimize for search. Until now.

We are very excited to announce a new powerful SEO tool in Vippy. Without any technical knowledge you can now create video sitemaps for your website on the fly in Vippy. Video sitemaps make Google index your videos quickly with all the metadata you specify, making them appear in search results for you keywords. This is on top of all existing semantic technology that Vippy provides you. Exciting isn’t it?

If you would like to know more about how to use the sitemap generator look at this help page.

If you would like to know more on how to optimize you video content take a look at this blog post.

Customer case: Small startup with video success

8 months ago we were contacted by artists and goldsmiths Geo Von Krogh and Remy Bugge. They had just started their business of holding courses for amateurs on crafting jewelry – Smykkeskolen. Their challenge was to let people know about the courses and also inspire them to sign up.

The solution was of course to shoot videos from the different courses and publish them online. Search engine optimization of website, blog and videos was obviously essential for the project to work.

Citomedia set up a simple website and blog and also produced 5 initial videos. The publication platform for the videos was Vippy.

After two weeks all videos were indexed and ranked by Google on the top five keywords. The courses started to fill up. After a couple of weeks all the courses were fully booked and the guys had to set up extra courses. The investment in a proper SEOd website and video SEO through Vippy was earned back after just two courses.

Now, eight months later, the challenge isn’t to get people to sign up. The challenge is to meet the demand. In the upcoming semester 4 times the initally planned courses will be held and they are already fully booked. For the main keyword, ”smykkekurs”, Smykkeskolen has the number one and number two ranking as well as a video thumbnail on the first page of Google SERP.

We call this success!

Case study:

The challenge

We did a test project with the Norwegian webshop is a niche online retail store that sells shoes, and focuses on quality service and low prices.

The two main parameters for an online store is traffic and conversion rate. Search engines and social media are the two main marketing channels for their website. The competition in Norway is relatively high and standardized products like shoes make it difficult to differentiate from the competitors, especially in the search engines.

The solution

Citomedia produces 9 simple product videos that show the most sold products in an energetic way. The videos was produced with a minimal budget intended to achieve first page ranking with video in Google. The elements in the videos are the shoes and company/product logos. The product videos was optimized for video SEO and published with Vippy on the respective product sites.

The result

Two months after the videos were published, the “video products” achieve much better that the other products without video, and far better than before the videos were published.

The traffic from the search word “Converse sko” (Converse shoes) has increased with over 300% This product remained the same conversion rate, meaning more sales.

New features released!

New presenter module (Beta)

The new presenter module makes it possible to syncronize video and presentations, such as Powerpoint. Powerpoint syncronizationAn easy-to-use wizard lets you add slides throughout the video and embed it on your website. In true Vippy spirit the module has native support for all browsers and mobile devices.

Try it now, it’s already in your Vippy library.

Video archive

Do you want to organize your video content in an archive with categories, search functionality and other cool features? With Vippy’s video archive system you can get your own archives the way you’d like. It’s just as easy as adding a blog to your site. See our test case at Citomedia. Contact for more information.

New video player update

You can now grade the opacity of the control bar and player buttons. This give you even more flexibilityOpacity on making the video player match your website. We have also made some minor bug fixes on the player, and yes, they did exist.

Help us get better

What do you think about Vippy? Is there anything you want, need or want to get rid off? We would like your feedback on our services. feedbackWrite us and email, tweet us or post a message on our Facebook site. We need your help to get better.

Thank you for being a Vipster!

Customer Case: Mamut

Founded in 1994, Mamut is a leading European provider of complete, integrated software solutions and internet services for SMEs. Mamut offers complete and user-friendly solutions at the best value for money integrating CRM, sales force, logistics, accounting, e-commerce, domains, e-mail, web hosting and security. More than 400,000 European customers simplify their daily business with solutions from Mamut.

We had a chat with Mamut’s new media manager Jason Falk about their online video strategy and Vippy.

How does online video come into Mamut’s marketing strategy?
Online activity constitutes a significant part of Mamut’s marketing strategy and online video is therefore one of the most important marketing assets we have. Online video gives us a very efficient, flexible and direct form of marketing communication that can be used independently or as an component of a broader campaign.

What have Mamut achieved using online video?

Online video has enabled us to provide the information our customers need more quickly than ever before. For example, we have launched a range of video tutorials to allow users to learn at their own speed, according to their specific usage scenarios. We have also been able to communicate product benefits more easily by publishing videos that focus on the functionality of individual products and services.

How does Vippy help you with your online video strategy?
Vippy enables us to publish videos quickly and easily, and, very  importantly, enables us to track viewing data via Googles analytics. This helps us to optimise specific videos and conversion rates by understanding where within a video our viewers switch-off, or which pages are most successful in engaging our visitors via video. It’s also a much better than Youtube because of the control it gives us – like choosing a thumbnail that optimises click-through rates rather than settling for one of 3 that Youtube chooses for us, the statistical data it gives us, and because it means we no longer lose our traffic to Youtube, which in itself makes the investment worthwhile.

What is your recommendation for businesses considering using online video?
For any business considering online video as part of their communications mix – it is a classic case of ‘can you afford not to?

Thank you Jason for sharing your thought!

New Vippy release!

We are proud to introduce our biggest release since we launched Vippy

Introducing a new dynamic video player

The HTML5 head code is history! Vippy’s new and flexible video player don’t need any head code to play both flash and HTML5 to support playback on all browVideo playersers and mobile devices. Not only that, skin and brand your player with your company’s color, logo, and add social sharing to greater reach.

See more about our video player here.

New and more detailed statistics

Vippy give you the insights you need to better understand your viewers. Want to see when people tend to stop viewing your video? Our drop-off statistics give you the information you need. We also provide information on which browser or mobile device people use when watching your videos. We even have stats on your iTunes download.

See more about Vippy’s analytics here.

Share videos to users outside your company in a second

Need to share a video to a client or a partner? Vippy is the first video platform to allow you to securely share videos to other users with a click of a button.

Simply type the email address and write a comment to the user you would like to send the video to, and the user will get the video in their inbox instantly. If the user is not a Vippy user he/she will get a notification email to sign up for free. It has never been easier and faster to collaborate and distribute large video files.

See more about video distribution here.

Create your own iTunes podcast channels in Vippy

Want to distribute your video content to millions of iTunes users? Vippy lets you create your own iTunes podcast channel and distribute your video with ease. In a few steps your podcasts are ready to be streamed through iTunes using Vippy’s quality streaming.

See more about iTunes podcasts here.

Let us know if you have any questions on this update.