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Bryan Eisenberg, Best Selling Author and International Keynote Speaker
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Compatible video player

More and more people are watching videos on mobiles and tablets. Vippy has a smart video player that automatically detect the viewers device and enables flawless playback on any browser or mobile device.

Flexible player

Brand your player the way you want. Vippy's flexible video player lets you add your logo, color and resize it they way you want with a click of a button. Vippy also features social sharing to Facebook Twitter and Linkedin, making your video a potential viral sensation.

High quality encoding

Video formats and dimensions are confusing and complex. Vippy's superfast encoding engine automatically encode your video files to suit the web perfectly. Vippy support HD encoding and streaming, giving your audience the best viewer experience possible.

Viewer insight

Want to see how many people have watched your video and for how long? Using detailed statistics, Vippy gives you the insights you need to better understand your viewers, and make the right marketing decisions. Vippy also support integration with Google Analytics.

Video SEO

Search engines are the most widely used tools for finding information on the web, also video. Vippy is automatically optimizing your video content for search engines. In addition, Vippy has an easy to use tool for creating video sitemaps. Giving you an even greater visibility bost in search engines.

Distribute video

Need to send a video to a client or a partner? Vippy is the first video platform to allow you to securely send videos to other users with a click of a button. Want to distribute your video content to millions of iTunes users? Vippy lets you create your own iTunes podcast channel and distribute your videos with ease.

Powerful streaming

Videos require a great deal of bandwidth capacity. Vippy uses a global distribution network to ensure that your videos are streaming with blazing speed to all around the world at any time. We support both http progressive download and rtmp flash streaming for the optimal experience for your viewers.

Video presenter

Want to synchronize your video presentation with your Powerpoint slides? No problem. Vippy's video presenter easily lets you sync your slides throughout your presentation. Embed the presenter player on your site, and you are ready to go. And yes, it does work on your iPad.

Video archives

Vippy has a fully featured Vippy archive that can easily be configured to fit any site. Publish and organize your video content with a click of a button. Other features such as search, video descriptions and video SEO are all standard in Vippy's archive system. Contact us for more information.

Image and banner management

Are your images spread on CD's, memory sticks and different computers? With Vippy you can store and organize as many images you want in the cloud. Making all your images accessible from any device or location. Doesn't get any easier than this.

Document management

Vippy's document management is a secure and easy way to share files within your organization. Access your files from any computer any time, all you need is internet access. Vippy also feature a smart versioning system that collect all versions of your files, so your users can collaborate and comment on different versions on a file. It's so easy.

User management

Vippy's user management let you add as many users as you like to your account. You can set different access levels to secure your content. If you have people outside your organization that are content creators, just give them upload access.

Integrate: Plugins

We have created extensions to a variety of CMS that makes it even easier for you to publish videos to your website using Vippy. Click here to see which CMS we support and download the plug-in for free. Contact us if you would like to get your CMS integrated with vippy here.

Flexible player

Want to integrate Vippy with your CMS or other systems? With an extensive REST based API you can easily integrate and get all the power and functionality of Vippy directly in your own application. Click here to see our API documentation.

Vippy is an online video platform that provides hosting and streaming of online video. Vippy has a strong focus on video SEO and also helps companies with online video strategy.

Vippy utilizes common standards within SEO and video SEO to empower videos and make them more visible to consumers. With a variety of features, robust playback, integration with other platforms and video SEO, Vippy is a solid alternative to a wide selection of video platforms.

Vippy also provides image hosting and document management. You can store and publish images and back up documents with version control.

Vippy have a wide variety of customers in different segments, including education, small to large businesses, enterprises and organizations.

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